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■Small lot processing
An order of the spindle is accepted even from 1 piece. Most of the products produced by NSS Co., Ltd. are custom-made products tailored to customer's specifications. With submicron ultra-precision processing, we will respond to your request.
Quality Environment Policy

  Quality Policy We will provide high quality products and services to obtain customer's satisfaction and trust.

Quality Behavior Guidelines
〔1〕 We will grasp the customer's requirements accurately and provide products that meet the quality requirements and conform to the regulations.
〔2〕 We will make products strictly adhere to appropriate procedures for maintaining quality.
〔3〕 We constantly strive to improve our technical capabilities and make quality without compromising.
〔4〕 We will continuously improve the integrated management system by setting quality targets and regularly reviewing them.

  Environmental Policy In order to inherit the beautiful climate and natural environment to the next generation, we will work on environmental preservation through all our business activities.

  Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation
〔1〕 We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements we agree on.
〔2〕 We will continuously improve the integrated management system by setting environmental objectives and environmental targets and regularly reviewing them.
〔3〕 Considering the impact of business activities on the environment, we will prioritize activities on the following items.
a) Promote of energy consumption, reduction and resource saving.
b) Promote recycling, and strive to reduce waste, thorough separating waste collection.
c) Make the design and development of products that are friendly to the environment impact.
d) Manage the use of chemicals, and make efforts to prevent decrease and environmental pollution environmental impact.
〔4〕 This policy is thoroughly disseminated to all those working at our company and those working for our company. Also it is published outside of the company.
  Scope of Application
〔1〕 Physical Site
Company’s Factory: 2379-1 Sakura-Machi, Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture 947-0035
〔2〕 Applicable Target
Personnel Those who work in the Company (hereinafter referred to as the employee), with respect to environmental management, including those who work for our company.
〔3〕 Activity Scope
The scope of our factory premises and our company's influence.
〔4〕 Applicable Product
Spindle, spindle unit, collet chuck, gauge, precise mechanical equipment parts, all products manufactured by our company and related services.
〔5〕 Applicable Business
All work related to our product manufacturing.
  ISO Certification

■The acquisition of integrated authentication of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment).
In August 2008 we acquired integrated quality management system certification of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment) with the aim of further improving product quality and customer satisfaction and preserving the global environment.
Certification registration agency:[Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. of Japan]

  Quality Improvement Activities
■Improving activities for Quality, Cost and Delivery.
Through the operation of the ISO management system, we are working on the PDCA cycle. We are continually working on not only business processes, environmental conservation processes but also all improvements related to QCD.

  Technology established
■High speed, high precision, high rigidity Establishing the spindle technology
To provide the highly demanded ultra high speed spindles(dmn 3million), we are conducting collaborative research with Nagaoka University of Technology for establishing high-speed spindle technology using grease lubrication aiming for global environment conservation.

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