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■Small lot processing
An order of the spindle is accepted even from 1 piece. Most of the products produced by NSS Co., Ltd. are custom-made products tailored to customer's specifications. With submicron ultra-precision processing, we will respond to your request.

■The acquisition of integrated authentication of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment).
In August 2008 we acquired integrated quality management system certification of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment) with the aim of further improving product quality and customer satisfaction and preserving the global environment.
Certification registration agency:
[Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. of Japan]
■Improving activities for Quality, Cost and Delivery.
Through the operation of the ISO management system, we are working on the PDCA cycle. We are continually working on not only business processes, environmental conservation processes but also all improvements related to QCD.
Efforts on the environment
  Environmental Policy In order to inherit the beautiful climate and natural environment to the next generation, we will work on environmental.

  Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation
1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements we agree on.
2. We will continuously improve the integrated management system by setting environmental objectives and environmental targets and regularly reviewing them.
3. Considering the impact of business activities on the environment, we will prioritize activities on the following items.
a) Promote of energy consumption, reduction and resource saving.
b) Promote recycling, and strive to reduce waste, thorough separating waste collection.
c) Make the design and development of products that are friendly to the environment impact.
d) Manage the use of chemicals, and make efforts to prevent decrease and environmental pollution environmental impact.
4. This policy is thoroughly disseminated to all those working at our company and those working for our company. Also it is published outside of the company.

  Introduction Since obtaining ISO management system certification integrating quality and environment in August 2008, we continue to improve the quality of various operations, comply with laws, reduce environmental impact, and improve the environment. At the same time this year we are in the process of reviewing the ISO update, we have successfully passed the review for the ISO 2015 version. As a result, we have received a judgment of success of certification in June. While performance was sluggish, although in 2016, we focused on employee education, revision of regulations and revitalization of improvement activities, as in the same year, we will compare emissions and usage in this year, We will continue to report the activities. In addition, as a manufacturing company securing highly profitable work, we are constantly striving to suppress processing defects and improve production efficiency. Please take this into consideration and thank you for confirming the achievement of environmental targets for the year of 2016.

  Achievement of Environmental Goals The trends for each item from FY 2014 to FY 2016.


FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016
Electricity Sales unit electricity consumption [kWh/10,000 yen] 12.79 16.17 18.94
Annual power consumption [kWh] 2,433,666 2,666,221 2,501,682
Coolant Waste Liquid Sales Unit
[L/10,000 yen]
0.21 0.33 0.25
Total annual amount [L] 39,600 55,200 33,600
Waste Oil Sales Unit
[L/10,000 yen]
0.027 0.024 0.045
Total annual amount [L] 5,208 4,008 6,000
Waste Plastics Sales Unit
[kg/10,000 yen]
0.008 0.011 0.008
Total annual amount [kg] 1,452 1,740 1,068
Sludge Sales Unit
[kg/10,000 yen]
0.022 0.021 0.021
Total annual amount [kg] 4,140 3,468 2,796

 Regarding the amount of electricity used, the companywide target value is to reduce sales unit electricity consumption (power consumption per 10,000 yen of sales by our company) by 5% and other items by 10% . As compared with the previous year, sales unit unit electricity consumption and waste oil unit unit volume increased, while unit volume of coolant liquid waste and waste plastic decreased. As for the coolant waste liquid, it is assumed that a reaction to the replacement of the coolant liquid due to a significant layout change last year could be a factor. As for sludge, it is currently under examination with the vendor, considering the possibility of processing as valuable material. We will continue to implement improvement measures for all items in the upcoming year to promote efficiency and strive to improve the environment.    

  About Environmental Activities As a community contribution activity, we held weeping of the annual neighborhood park and pick up garbage in the neighborhood. We also organized factory tours for a variety of local organizations and schools. Regarding the in-house environment, we have been replacing the lighting in the factory with LEDs as an approved energy-saving subsidy, and it has almost been completed. Compared to the past, the factory indoor is much brighter, not only improving the visibility of products and work, but also employees are comfortable working on business. As the occupancy rate rises from now on, further energy saving effect is expected.

Local environmental beautification activities

Factory tours for a variety of local organizations and schools

Before the replacement

After the replacement

We focused on revitalizing improvement proposals in 2016 and have been working with the aim of 1,000 proposals annually. From the 237 results in the previous year, we set a goal of 1,000 proposals, and ultimately 1,022 were submitted. In addition, the IoT has been introduced, and confirmation of the basic structure is nearly complete. These activities are expected to further improve efficiency and improve the environment in fiscal 2017.

  To everyone who saw this environmental management activity We understand that the results of our company's environmental management activities are not evaluated only by our company. It is important for us to set targets, to formulate implementation plans, to implement activities based on the plan, and to evaluate the achievement. However, the results of our company's environmental management activities can be correctly evaluated only by customers and other stakeholders. We will not only improve the quality of business management and organizational management but also continue to focus on environmental management activities as one aspect of management. If you have any comments, opinions, or requests, please do not hesitate to ask our employees.

  July 19, 2017 N・S・S Co.,LTD
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