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Efforts on the environment

■Small lot processing
An order of the spindle is accepted even from 1 piece. Most of the products produced by NSS Co., Ltd. are custom-made products tailored to customer's specifications. With submicron ultra-precision processing, we will respond to your request.

■The acquisition of integrated authentication of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment).
In August 2008 we acquired integrated quality management system certification of ISO 9001(Quality) and 14001(Environment) with the aim of further improving product quality and customer satisfaction and preserving the global environment.
Certification registration agency:
[Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. of Japan]
■Improving activities for Quality, Cost and Delivery.
Through the operation of the ISO management system, we are working on the PDCA cycle. We are continually working on not only business processes, environmental conservation processes but also all improvements related to QCD.
Community Contribution
We are focusing on community beautification activities, factory tours of elementary and junior and senior high school students and other organizations, and workplace experience learning.

Beautification activities
Garbage picking around the company / weeding in the neighboring park

Factory tours
Factory tour for elementary school students / Internship for high school students

We’ve agreed with Mirai cheering private offering of the Daishi bank, and donated bassoon and cymbal to Ojiya junior high school.

Ojiya fireworks festival

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